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Temporary Alimony in Turkey

According to the Article 169 of Turkish Civil Code, “When the action for judicial separation or divorce is filed, the Judge shall take the interim measures on its own motion which are necessary during the case especially for accommodation, living costs, administration of estates of spouses and care and protection of children”


The Family Court Judge shall decide one spouse to pay to other a temporary alimony from the date of the divorce case or from the decision date until the finalization of the verdict given upon the divorce case.


The fault which causes the divorce is not important while deciding temporary alimony which will be paid during the divorce case. Even the spouse who requests temporary alimony, the judge may decide the temporary alimony on behalf of the other spouse if claimed.


The Family Court Judge shall not take into consideration the defective fraction of the spouses, but he/she will consider the economic situation and living conditions of spouses while deciding temporary alimony. If one of the spouses will encounter a decline in his/her living standards as a result of the divorce case, the Judge may decide the temporary alimony to be paid by the other spouse.


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