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Residence Permit for Foreigners who bought a Property in Turkey

تصريح الاقامة بالنسبة للاجانب الذين يملكون عقاراً في تركيا

Residence Permit for Foreigners who bought a Property in Turkey

In the past, owning property in Turkey was not an element of qualification to get a Turkish residence permit. Foreign nationals were previously allowed to stay for 90 days without a residency permit. Following the recent revision in the law governing residency rules and regulations for foreigners which is published in the official gazette on 11.04.2013, property buyers from other nations are granted a year-long residency permit that could be extended indefinitely if the individual remains in the possession of the property acquired in Turkey. Among this new law, Turkish Government extended the duration of the initial residence permit from the current three months to up to one year for foreigners buying property in Turkey.


There are several kinds of residence permits in Turkey. The foreigners need to apply for a Short Term Residence Permit when they buy a real estate in Turkey.
The duration of the Turkish Short Term Residency is 1 year. Regarding the reciprocity principle the Foreign Ministry of Turkish Republic have right to change the duration of the residence permit. The residence permits should be renewed 1 month prior to the expiry date and not later than 15 days after the expiry date of the existing residence permit.


If the foreigners with existing residence permit stays outside Turkey for more than 6 months in a year or more than 1 year in 5 years period than this stoppage of residence permits occurs. This means that the foreigners who residence permits are stopped they have to apply again as if they are applying for the first time. It should be noted that compulsory public services, educational and health factors are exceptional. Foreigners who reside 5 years without a stoppage can apply for the citizenship.


•    Declarations of Residence Permit Form
•    4 pieces of passport size photo
•    Original passport (the validity date of the passport shall be at least 60 days more than the validity date of the applied residence permit)
•    The copy of the passport
•    2 copies of the title deed
•    Turkish potential tax number
•    The bank statement or foreign exchange receipt for the amount of 350 USD for every month. (3600 USD for 1 year)


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