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What would be the consequences if a termination of employment is found to be in violation of applicable rules?

If the turkish court concludes that the termination is unjustified because no valid reason has been given or the alleged reason is invalid, the employer must re-engage the employee in work within one month. If, upon the application of the employee, the employer does not re-engage him/her in work, compensation to be not less than the employee’s four months’ wages and not more than his eight months’ wages shall be paid to him/her by the employer.


The party who found to be wrongful (the employer if the termination is found wrongful, and the employee if the termination is found rightful.)  is obliged to compensate the other party’s legal fees.


The employer is liable against the employee, not the union. If the employer terminates the employment due to the employee’s being a member of a union, s/he shall pay an additional compensation to the employee not less than a year’s wage of the employee.


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