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Are there any post termination rules or regulation that a former employer needs to keep in mind?

The duty of loyalty ends with the termination of the employment. Confidentiality and non-competition, when agreed upon, may be in force after the employment ends. However, as per Turkish Code of Obligations Article 445, such period shall not exceed 2 years as of the termination.


As explained above, if the court concludes that the termination is unjustified because no valid reason has been given or the alleged reason is invalid, the employer must re-engage the employee in work within one month.


According to Article 28 of Labour Code, the employer has to provide the employee whose contract is being terminated with a certificate stating the nature and duration of employment. In case such certificate is not provided in due time or with incorrect information the leaving employee who suffers a loss or the new employer who has recruited him/her may claim compensation from the previous employer.


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