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Are there any minimum salary level requirements that an employer needs to follow according to Turkish Employment Law?

The salary is generally designated through an employment contract.


However, as per Article 39 of the Labor Code, the minimum limits of wages shall be determined every two years at the latest by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security through the Minimum Wage Fixing Board. The gross minimum wage for 2014 is TRY 1134.


A collective bargaining agreement designated the lower limit of the employee rights, therefore, it is possible to entitle one or more employee’s extra compensation in addition to what is agreed in an applicable collective bargaining agreement. However, such practice may cause the other employees’ claiming that the employer is violating its equal treatment obligation and the employee union may claim that such practice aims to render the union redundant.


As per article 2 of Law on Trade Unions and Collective Bargaining Agreements, a Collective Bargaining Agreement is “an agreement concluded between an employee union and employer union or an employer who is not a member of any union.” Therefore, an employer is obliged to comply with the collective bargaining agreement if he/she agreed and signed it, regardless of his/her being a member of a union or not.



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