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As we know, in order to apply for a residence permit in Turkey, the foreigner must firstly enter Turkey through one of the border ports under a visa or visa exemption.

In this context, if the foreigner plans to stay in Turkey for a period longer than the period of stay stipulated in the visa or visa exemption, then he\she must apply for a residence permit.


Residence permits granted by the Immigration Department linked to the Turkish presidency recently, are divided into several types as the following below;

a. Family residency.    b. Student residency.     c. Short-term residence.    d. Long-term residence.


As we know, most foreigners stay under short-term residence permits. For different reasons, either for purposes of tourism, owning a real estate, establishing business, or for the purpose of scientific research or to attend job training programmes...etc.


Among the documents required to apply for the residence permit;

  1. Submit the required residence permit application form.
  2. The passport or passport substitute document presented when entering Turkey.
  3. Valid health insurance which covers the duration of the requested residence period.
  4. Personal Photos.
  5. Document proving the actual residence address, such as "Title deed, Rental agreement, Undertaking of host".
  6. Any other documents that immigration authorities deem necessary, such as Statement of financial efficiency, a criminal record ..etc”.


Recently, regarding foreigners wishing to obtain residence permit according to a Rental agreement as of 15.02.2022, an announcement was issued by the Immigration Department stating that the Rental agreement must be notarized with presence of property’s owner (Lessor) before the notary public. Not as in the past, where the presence of the foreign applicant before the notary was sufficient for considering the rental contract as proper for residency.

Regarding foreigners who own real estate, they can submit the Title deed, as long as it is their actual residence address.

As for foreigners who stay in Third person’s residence, they must submit Undertaking of host issued before the notary public.


One last point, knowing that we do not recommend traveling abroad before obtaining the requested residence permit, but in urgent cases the foreigner may have a travel permit taken by the immigration authorities. In such situation, the foreigner must issue “Power of Attorney” to an official attorney registered under Turkish Bar Associations, in order to follow up the procedures and receive the residence permit card on his\her behalf. No one other than official attorney will be able to follow the proceedings.


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