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As known, short time work can be applied in cases where the working time in the workplace is reduced by at least 1/3 due to general economic, sectoral, regional crisis and challenging reasons or the activity is stopped for at least four weeks. Workers who meet the necessary conditions in the event of short time work are paid a short work allowance up to 3 months for periods of absence.


On 18.03.2020, within the scope of the announcement of the President of Republic, and the package called “Economic Stability Shield”, the preparations regarding the implementation of the Short Work Allowance with the facilitation and the acceleration of the processes required to benefit from it, continue. 


Thus, a decision was made by İŞKUR Board of Directors in order to enable short time work allowance applications based on the coronavirus (Covid-19) as a periodic external influence to be considered as a compulsory reason. 


Employers who want to apply for short work on the grounds that they are adversely affected by the Covid-19 outbreak can apply to the e-mail addresses created specifically for the Provincial Directorates and Service Centers of the Labor and Employment Agency as of 23.03.2020. Short time work payments will be made after the eligibility examination of the Ministry’s Guidance and Inspection Department.


A detailed announcement will be made on the website of the Institution ( about the process of making and finalizing the applications.


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