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Financial exposure on the Managers of the Undertaking

In addition to the administrative fine to be imposed on the company, an administrative fine up to five percent (5%) of the penalty imposed on the company will be imposed on the Managers of the company who had a determining effect to have influenced the company in the infringement (executives with decisive roles in the formation of cartels, such as participating in cartel meetings and making decisions that would involve the company in cartel activity) (the ”Manager(s)”).


The Regulation on Fines also applies to the Managers. The administrative fine to be imposed on each of Managers will be between three percent (3%) and five percent (5%) of the administrative fine imposed on the company, taking into account his/her active cooperation with the Authority for purposes of revealing contrariness to provisions of Competition Law (as indicated above). The fines mentioned above may not be imposed on the Managers or reductions may be made in administrative fines specified above, if such the Manager actively cooperates with the Authority for uncovering of cartels within the framework of the provisions of the Regulation on Active Cooperation for Discovery of Cartels (the “Regulation on Leniency“), taking into consideration the quality, efficiency and timing of cooperation and by means of demonstrating its grounds explicitly.


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