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Attorney Sevinç DEMİR

Avukat Sevinç Demir

1991, France / Metz

Sevinç Demir, who completed most of her education in France, including her primary and secondary education, completed her undergraduate studies in English Law at the University of Lorraine and graduated in 2012. He completed his master's degree in European Union and International Law in 2013 at the University of Strasbourg.

After finishing his master's degree, he came to Turkey and the profession in order to be able to perform here at Galatasaray University in 2014, he has received Accreditation in the field of law.

In 2014, he started his career at Yalçın Toygar Law Office and started his internship. During and after the internship, he continued to work mainly on corporate law, real estate trading, mergers and acquisitions, and providing legal consultancy on almost all subjects to domestic and foreign natural persons and / or companies. However, in Turkey, including foreign countries in tax and social security law issues with the Foreign Representative serves primarily business consulting under Turkish law. Moreover, particularly in projects carried out by foreign companies investing in the energy field in Turkey to monitor the resulting legal disputes and proceedings.

Sevinç works in a disciplined and result-oriented manner in every business he conducts, and always supports his team-mates without compromising his positive personality and belief in the profession.