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Attorney Mert Karayol

Mert KARAYOL1991, Bursa

Mert Karayol graduated from Istanbul University Faculty of Law in 2013 with academic degree.

He has started his internship in Yalçın Toygar Law Firm which he is the junior partner in since 2018. In the process of internship, he gained great opportunities to put into practice the theoretical knowledge learned from the faculty and reinforced his teamwork skills.

By taking working systematically as a principle to himself, he act meticulously in the subject of filing, recording and digital archiving from the start of the work until it is done and he believes that working systematically is half of the sucsess.

He began his career as a lawyer registered in Istanbul Bar Association at Yalçın Toygar Law Firm where he completed his internship and he follows the works as a lawyer specializing in Individual and Collective Labor Law and Social Security Law.


Mert has a character who is hardworking, loving to learn and to improve himself, researcher, well-intentioned, helpful, inclined to teamwork and responsible, thinking solution-oriented, creative, and likes to communicate with people.

Mert aims to reinforce his expertise in the fields of Individual and Collective Labor Law and Social Security Law in the Attorneyship, which is one of the three pillars of the judiciary and which represents Independent Defense.

Mert has been working successfully in our office since his internship period and he was involved in our offices’ junior partners as of the date of 02.04.2018.

Mr. Mert Karayol, as well as being a lawyer, has a reseacher personality and he continues his researches on Turkish Revolution History intensively. Traveling and listening to music are among his main activities.